Foreign Pilots in demand!

The hot summer season is most definitely here in China and along with this is the equally hot interest in our ‘Pilot Supply’ Services. We are currently working with two very established local companies whom are seeking foreign pilots for their operations, either as a part time contract, or as full time placement in China. The aircraft are all Turbines, singles and twins, and are brand spanking new, having just been delivered into China from either America or France.

Both these companies have big plans for expansion, and between them have over 100 new helicopters being delivered over the next two years. This bodes well for the foreign pilot market, as we will be requiring both high time experienced Captains and also less experienced Co-Pilots, that we can place into China as these companies expand.

The expectation is that four more foreign pilots will be placed with these two professional operators before the end of this Month. They will be conducting a variety of roles and flying a selection of new aircraft.

Now is the time to register your interest, so if you have not already, then please sign up to our database at;

Note: You can also submit a new application if you wish to update your details.